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Make sure to build yourself spiritually!
Did you know that you would see a dramatic difference in your life if you would just:
1. Pray daily.  (Take time to talk with your Lord one on one at least once a day).
2. Read.  (Read and study your bibles daily).  I have also learned that taking quiet time and studying has really built me up spiritually.  I keep a daily journal about my days events, what bothers me, what I want God to help me with and amazingly God has given me scriptures each day that are related to my daily events!
3. Fast.  If you READ the bible you will notice numerous references to Fasting.  Jesus did it and we should to!
4. Try to attend church as much as possible.  The bible states that we should praise God as much as possible.  Besides, God does give the preacher messages for the church for a reason.  Go to church, he may have sent a message just for you!
5. Keep God on your mind! Keeping him on your mind keeps Satan out!  Believe it or not, the least little bad thought can invite Satan into your life.   

I hope these things help.  If you have any questions, please contact me.
~Sister Bobbie Finley