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Bobbie & Brian Finley
We would like to Thank all the members of the church for being so kind to us.  We really love God and are blessed to have such a wonderful place to worship him.  We have been attending the church since February and God has really done a work in our lives.  He has blessed us spiritually, mentally, and financially.  Bobbie was set free from demon torment and delivered from cigarettes.  

For those people that may be reading this and are lost, please contact us.  We will be happy to discuss God and what he can do for you.  If you think God can't do anything for you or you are not ready to give your life to him, please consider this:

If you died right now, are you sure that you would go to heaven? If you have any doubt in your mind you really need to pray.  Once you are truly saved, you will know that you will go to heaven providing you live your life as God intended.

Do you get anything out of the bible spiritually?  

Are you now or have you been depressed lately?  Do you know that this is a demons spirit?  You would be amazed to know what demon spirits can torment your life.

Are you afraid of the terroristic acts which have taken place in our country lately?  This also is a demon spirit.  God did not give us the spirit of fear, but of love, peace and a sound mind!

Are you struggling in every aspect of your life?  Are you struggling in any aspect of your life (on the job, at home, financially)?    

Do you really know about the power of prayer?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, we urge you to contact us or anyone that you know would be able to answer your questions and give you spiritual guidance.

We hope God Bless You in ALL that you do!